Torsion Springs – American Precision Spring

cone spring feature and application It is clear with the name of Torsion Springs that the spring works on the principle of the torsion. That is clear that energy is stored in terms of number of twists of the coils of the spring. Take an example to understand how Torsion Springs works i.e. if you hold with the one end of the sponge and twist the other end gently, it coils around itself. As you let go of other end it automatically turns to its original position. This is only because that is able to store energy the energy that you had applied in twisting it with in itself and then use it to undo.

In the Torsion Springs same effect take place when you applied twisting force to it, energy proportional to the twists gets stored in the Torsion Springs. As early as the twisting force is removed the Torsion Springs converts this energy in to an equal and the opposite force that allow it to untwist.

Majority of the times helical- shaped alloys and the rods are used to make Torsion Springs. They are so settled, so when we applied external force twist the coil tighter about the axes of spring.

How Torsion Spring is Better

There are number of way by which Torsion


Springs is much better than the other springs, mostly Torsion springs is use in garage doors following are some ways by which Torsion Springs is better than other.

Longer Working Life 

Mostly when we open or close garage door an extension spring get fully stretched. The basic thing to be noted is more shearing stress, which reduce the working life. If we use the Torsion Springs instead of extension spring then it last longer because extension spring is limited up to 10,000 cycles while Torsion Springs keep on working up to 20,000 cycles.

Smoother Operation

If we use a Torsion Springs it provide us much smoother motion range of the door while the other spring cause jerky motion when we open or close the door.

Easier Maintenance

Mechanism that is based on the Torsion Springs required less number of parts that’s why the maintenance way is much easier by using Torsion Springs as compare to other if we use another spring it require number of parts, metal tracks, hooks and many more which make maintenance complex and increase the risk rate.

More Efficient

Torsion Springs work more efficiently as compare to any other spring. Torsion Springs prevent the loading of the opener’s motors that save on power and help it work more efficiently rather than other.


For example, if we use extension spring and we stretched it, that is dangerous for us because it stores huge amount of energy and in the case the hooks and holder holding of the spring break, it can be a reason of serious injury. While if we use Torsion Springs it is far better than taking risk of any type of accident.

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