Extension Springs – American Precision Spring

An Extension Springs is commonly made up of helical metal which is use for the extension purpose. Extension springs is design in such a way so when force is applied spring become extended or we can say it that its coil stretched. The total amount of power which is directly proportional to the quantity of extend force is store by the Extension Springs. And when the extending force is removed, the energy stored within the stretched spring gets converted to an opposite power which compresses the Extension Springs to its original shape.

There is a safety cable which link Extension Springs to a point named as a solid point on the horizontal door track. Extension springs always restrained with that safety cable. That provide us guarantee that in a case pulley cable or Extension springs break itself because of under tension or due to any reason it doesn’t ‘fly-off’ and safe you from any sort of damage.

Benefits of Extension Spring

There are uncountable benefits of an Extension Spring some of them are

Working Life

Most of time Extension Springs are used in garage doors which are used very brutally which reduce working life of the springs but people prefer to use Extension springs only due to its quality that its working life is more than any spring.

Smooth Operation

Each and every type of the door has its own requirements some doors requires small tension while other required more intentions Extension Springs is the only spring which provide smooth operation in each & every sort of operations. That is one of the key reason people prefer Extension Springs over others.

Easy Maintenance & Safer

It’s very difficult to maintain any kind of spring but Extension springs are the springs which are easy to maintain and much safer in use as compare to anyone else.

If you are searching Company that provides best quality spring in an affordable price, then contact American precision Spring Corp. We Provide you worldwide services as well as Personal customer service.


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