Custom Springs – American Precision Spring Santa Clara

From the very first day mankind is trying to make their life easy & comfortable along with trying to save their time. With the passage of time mankind start relying on technology and start manufacturing machines by which they can save their time & make their life’s easy & luxurious. Machines consist of many small components and Custom Springs are from one of those small major components.

Before coming toward the Custom Springs first we have to understand basically what the Spring is. Majority of people consider that spring is the twisted piece of metal found in bed frames or a such type of toy that simple amuse children by passing down the stairs. But the basic Definition of “spring” is so modest that are mention below.

“Any device that has the elastic properties & can store mechanical energy “

Majority of the people ignore the significance of the Custom Springs from the starting. If you search you will get information that all the spring manufacturing companies around the world don’t use same technology for the manufacturing of Custom Springs.

There are many types of springs and Custom Springs are from one of those. Custom Springs is define as

“The customize form of any sort of spring is known as Custom Springs rather its Tension Spring, Compression Spring, Torsion Spring or any other”

Following are the major categories of Custom Springs

Tension spring

Tension spring is a spring which stock mechanical energy when you stretch material.

Compression spring

Compression spring is kind of spring that stores mechanical energy in opposite direction by compressing material.

Torsion spring

Torsion spring is different from above both types, torsion spring stores energy when you rotate the material stores.

Material use by Custom Springs Manufacturer

Due to the heavy demand of steel Custom Springs most of companies prefer steel for the manufacturing of Custom Springs. Companies also use phosphor bronze, Beryllium copper, and titanium for the manufacturing of Custom Springs.

If you are searching Company that provides best quality Spring in an affordable price, then contact American precision Spring Corp. We provide you worldwide services as well as Personal customer service.


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